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Press release: PIONEER Big Data for Better Outcomes joins forces with the European Association of Urology’s UroEvidenceHub to combat prostate cancer and other urological diseases

Press release: PIONEER Big Data for Better Outcomes joins forces with the European Association of Urology’s UroEvidenceHub to combat prostate cancer and other urological diseases

PIONEER – Big Data in Prostate Cancer project continues as PIONEER+ and will be integrated into the EAU`s UroEvidenceHub initiative as the hub for prostate cancer research and support.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 31st October 2023 –  The European funded prostate cancer (PCa) project PIONEER will continue to perform data analytics, real world evidence generation and other research activities as PIONEER+ also after the official project end on 31  October 2023. PIONEER+ becomes the foundational partner for Prostate Cancer research and support of the emerging UroEvidenceHub initiative by the European Association of Urology. Their common vision is to dramatically improve diagnosis and treatment of  PCa and other Urological Conditions to drastically reduce the burden of Urological Conditions in the population. This shall be done through the use of big data analytics, data driven Clinical Guidelines and Decision Support Tools.

PIONEER (Prostate Cancer DIagnOsis and TreatmeNt Enhancement through the Power of Big Data in EuRope) is an European Network of Excellence for Big Data in Prostate Cancer, consisting of 34 private and public stakeholders in prostate cancer research and clinical care from across 10 countries. Through unlocking the potential of Big Data, PIONEER addresses important patient and physician questions regarding the diagnosis, treatment and management of Prostate Cancer. By generating Real World Evidence, the interdisciplinary project team  aims to change the prostate cancer landscape and to improve the health and social care received by all prostate cancer patients and their families.

The UroEvidenceHub (UHE) is a new data innovation programme of the European Association of Urology (EAU) and a Real-World Evidence (RWE) generation ecosystem that will use big data, artificial intelligence and data science to accelerate research on personalized care for patients across all urological conditions stating with Prostate Cancer.

“The ultimate goal of the 2023 founded UroEvidenceHub is to close the gap between clinical practice guidelines and individual patient characteristics and disease variability. By bringing the data (secondary as well as prospectively collected PROMS, PREMS, and QoL) and analytics together, we seek to enable more personalized patient care across all urological conditions..”, says Prof. James N’Dow, Adjunct Secretary General of the European Association of Urology and Project Coordinator of PIONEER. “

In over 5 years of working together in a multidisciplinary team of leading professionals in their fields of expertise, PIONEER has created a legacy with the PIONEER Big Data Platform.  PIONEER+ forms the ideal partner of the UroEvidenceHub as it will continue to address the urgent questions in prostate cancer care and supports patient outcomes and decision making within the UroEvidenceHub. PIONEER+ and UHE will thus maximise synergies to augment the benefit for the patients and their families.”

Legacy of PIONEER – Big Data in Prostate Cancer

Since its start on 1st May 2018, PIONEER has been a unique collaboration between the consortia members which include Physicians, Academic Researchers, industry partners, public companies and patients. The high degree of motivation and engagement as well as the close involvement of patients played a central role from the beginning. These are the project’s key achievements:

  • Together with patients, key opinion leaders and health care professionals, fifty-six prioritized research questions important to all stakeholders were identified, out of which the top five questions about the diagnosis and management of Prostate Cancer were prioritized. To address and answer these, the team set out to develop a unique central and federated state-of-the-art Big Data analytic platform for prostate cancer. So far, the PIONEER team has identified over 100 relevant databases, mapped to the OMOP-CDM and made available for research over 40 data sets as part of the PIONEER Big Data Platform. The Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM) is an open community data standard, designed to standardize the structure and content of observational data and to enable efficient analyses that can produce reliable evidence.
  • The PIONEER consortium has successfully conducted three international large-scale study-a-thons and has established over a dozen different research teams looking at specific research questions.
  • PIONEER managed to develop a common vocabulary and understanding of methods and techniques making it possible to efficiently execute on research projects bringing together scientists with backgrounds in observational research, as well as others coming more from the clinical research and/or clinical practice arena. The output of this includes over a dozen manuscripts, and numerous conference presentations. With the help of intensive patient participation, PIONEER has published Core Outcome Sets for Prostate Cancer that were endorsed by the European Association of Urology. PIONEER has systematically reviewed both clinician reported outcomes and the psychometric properties of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) used in localised, locally advanced, and metastatic prostate cancer. Based on the results of the reviews and subsequent consensus processes, PIONEER recommended minimum sets of clinician and patient reported outcomes, provided definitions or each, and recommended PROMs, for use in routine practice and research settings. Furthermore, PIONEER has developed and launched an Online Search Tool for prostate cancer Diagnostic and Prognostic Factors.

Combining the ongoing activities at PIONEER with the emerging data innovations vision at the EAU provides the best opportunity for PIONEER to continue to have an impact on not only Prostate Cancer but leverage its experiences to impact many other diseases across urology and beyond to other non-urological diseases.

Stakeholders are invited to collaborate with PIONEER+ and UHE

Welcome to all interested clinicians, researchers, data scientists, and patients!

Become part of the community and work togeher on many of the challenges we are facing. If we want to use big data to answer core research questions, we need everyone. PIONEER+ offers working with a broader and well-rehearsed research scientific community that takes good care of cooperation with partners.

It`s not the end it`s just the beginning of an exciting and meaningful journey.


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Project Coordinator: Prof. James N`Dow, EAU (and University of Aberdeen)

Private Project Leader: Dr. Susan Evans Axelsson, Bayer AB

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Dr. Monika Maaß

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PIONEER (Prostate Cancer DIagnOsis and TreatmeNt Enhancement through the Power of Big Data in EuRope) is a European project focused on using big data to improve the clinical understanding and inform the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, funded through IMI2 JU, and is listed under grant agreement No. 777492. IMI2 receives support from the European Union`s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). The views communicated within are those of PIONEER. Neither the IMI nor the European Union, EFPIA or any associated partners are responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

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