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The European Network of Excellence for Big Data in Prostate Cancer

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Big Data Platform

Combining & analysing the patient records of men diagnosed with prostate cancer allowing healthcare systems to provide more efficient outcome-driven patient-centred interventions.

Core Outcome Sets

PIONEER Core Outcome Sets for Prostate Cancer endorsed by the European Association of Urology a reflection of the importance of COS for the advancement of clinical practice


DPF Online Search Tool

PIONEER online search tool for prostate cancer diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers developed by a multidisciplinary team using a four step approach

Latest Project Results

Our knowledge on how to approach and treat prostate cancer changes daily. With the purpose of providing our patients with the best possible information we need tools to keep us up to date. The PIONEER diagnostic & prognostic factor search tool will provide easy access to validated patient and disease specific factors that can be implemented for each patient individually to provide better patient-centered care

Dr. Lisa Morris, EAU & PIONEER Associate

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