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Using #RWD to fill the knowledge gap

Using #RWD to fill the knowledge gap

Carlos Moedas, Commissioner on Research, Science and Innovation of the European Commission tweeted: “Using #RWD to fill the knowledge gap: clinical trials & clinical practice & providing insights into disease patterns for effectiveness of health interventions is now reality thanks to our #EUfunded projects!”.

Real-world data (RWD) is health-related data derived from a diverse human population in real life settings. RWD can be medical health records, registries, biobanks, administrative data, health surveys, observational studies, health insurance data, data generated from mobile applications etc..

The European Commission, through its Framework Programme Horizon 2020 and via the Innovative Medicines Initiative, invests to enable the use of RWD in health and care systems for the benefit of the patients. Notably, the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 (IMI2) Programme Big Data for Better Outcomes aims, among other things, at maximising the potential of large-scale, harmonised RWD from variable, quickly-developing digital and non-digital sources, and establishing a health outcomes data ecosystem in Europe (e.g., IMI topic European Health Data Network).

Download the complete European Commission Real World Data factsheet

Image source: Real World Data factsheet