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Project Deliverables

WP1 Project management and administration

Deliverable D1.1 Project management plans
Deliverable D1.2 Collaborative website (intranet)
Download: Publishable summary D1.1 & D1.2

Deliverable D1.3 Initial data management plan (no publishable summary)
Deliverable D1.7 Ethics Advisory Board report year 1 (no publishable summary)

Deliverable D9.1 POPD – Ethics requirement No.1
Deliverable D9.2 NEC – Ethics requirement No.2
Deliverable D9.3 GEN – Ethics requirement No.4
Download: Publishable summary D9.1 – D9.3

WP2 Disease understanding and outcome definitions

Deliverable D2.1 Report on defined standard outcomes and diagnostic and prognostic factors for different stages of prostate cancer.
Download: Publishable summary D2.1

Deliverable D2.4 Online website to translate use of standard outcomes and DPFs into medical practice.
Download: PIONEER_D2.4

WP3 Data access and sources

Deliverable D3.1 Target list of initial data contributors
Deliverable D3.2 Data needs assessment tool
Deliverable D3.3 Data gap assessment tool
Deliverable D3.4 Data access agreement templates
Deliverable D3.5 Value propositions for data contributors
Deliverable D3.6 Meta data model
Download: Publishable summary D3.1 – D3.6

Deliverable D3.7 Signed data use agreements
Deliverable D3.8 Identification of additional data contributors
Deliverable D3.9 Data Catalogue
Deliverable D3.10  Mapping of internal data to data model according to OMOP mapping strategy completed
Deliverable D3.11 Import of cohort datasets of the clinical partners into central platform completed
Download: Publishable summary D3.7 – D3.11

Deliverable D3.13 Evaluation of data access policy
Download: Publishable summary D3.13

WP4 Data platform

Deliverable D4.1 Detailed architecture for analytics platform that includes centralised and federated solution
Deliverable D4.2 Central open access catalogue deployed and customised according to consortium requirements
Download: Publishable summary D4.1 & D4.2

Deliverable D4.3 Central tranSMART instance deployed as data warehouse for translational data including omics data from cohort studies
Deliverable D4.4 Central OHDSI software deployed as data exploration and analysis platform for real world data and central OMOP v5 dictionaries set up
Deliverable D4.5 Mapping strategy for omics data and mapping tools deployed
Download: Publishable summary D4.3 – D4.5

WP6 HTA regulator-payer integration

Deliverable D6.1 Characterization and mapping of regulator and payer evidence challenges in PCa
Download: PIONEER_D6.1

Deliverable D6.2 Prostate cancer reference models.
Download: PIONEER_Deliverable 6.2_
Download:  PIONEER D6.2 Metastatic Prostate Cancer Reference Model v1.0-2

Deliverable D6.3 Identification of ECPSFF members and establishment of the forum
Download: Publishable summary D6.3

Deliverable D6.7 Elicitation from the Expert Committee Stakeholder Policy Feedback Forum 1/6
Deliverable D6.8 Elicitation from the Expert Committee Stakeholder Policy Feedback Forum 2/6
Download: Publishable summary D6.7 & D6.8


Deliverable D6.15 White Paper presenting PIONEER policy strategy.
Download: PIONEER_Deliverable_6.15_

Deliverable D6.16 Policy Paper.
Download:  PIONEER_D6.16

WP7 Dissemination and communication

Deliverable 7.1 Report on dissemination and communication strategy 1/3
Download: Publishable summary D7.1

Deliverable D7.4 Brand guidelines, project brochure and introductory slide set
Deliverable D7.5 Report on project specific website and social media platforms
Download: Publishable summary D7.4 & D7.5

WP8 Legal, ethics and governance

Deliverable D8.1 Report on basic model for data sharing and access within the consortium
Download: Publishable summary D8.1

Deliverable D8.2 Periodic report on advice on legal, ethical and governance issues 1/5 (no publishable summary)