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PIONEER at a glance

Interested in PIONEER watch our short animated video to find out more about the project and our objectives.

Monique Roobol Erasmus MC

Monique Roobol, Erasmus MC, explains why she believes contributing data to PIONEER is of critical importance.

James N'Dow Project Coordinator

James N’Dow Academic lead for PIONEER reflects on the first twelve months of the project.

Alex Asiimwe EFPIA Project Lead

Alex Asiimwe EFPIA lead for PIONEER discusses the unique public-private aspects of BD4BO.

Zsuzsanna Devecseri EFPIA Co-Lead

Zsuzsanna Devecseri EFPIA co-lead for PIONEER discusses prostate cancer outcomes.

Mieke Van Hemelrijck WP2 Lead

Mieke Van Hemelrijck WP2 explains the importance of define core outcome sets for prostate cancer.

Anders Bjartell WP3 Lead

Anders Bjartell WP3 data sources and access discusses the PIONEER data models.

Thomas Abbott WP3 EFPIA Lead

Thomas Abbott EFPIA co-lead for PIONEER discusses data sources and access to data.

Billy Franks WP5 EFPIA Lead

Billy Franks WP5 explains the importance of data analysis plans for PIONEER’s research questions.

Denis Horgan WP6 Lead

Denis Horgan explains the importance of actively engaging policy makers in PIONEER.

Maria Ribal WP7 Lead

Maria Ribal WP7 discusses how effective dissemination is key to PIONEER’s long-term success.

Louise Fullwood WP8 Lead

Louise Fullwood WP8 explains the legal and ethical issues around data privacy within PIONEER.

PIONEER Research Associates

PIONEER research associates from both academic & industry discuss their experience of working together.