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WP1 will provide an effective project management programme and governance structure to ensure that PIONEER’s objectives are successfully fulfilled within the lifetime of the project. WP1 will facilitate collaboration between the consortium’s partners whilst ensuring all IMI2 requirements are respected.


  1. Establish a project management and governance structure which will allow effective execution of the project, including technical and financial reporting, risk management processes and conflict resolution, critical path analysis for each WP, timely decision making and accountability.
  2. Ensure effective communication and collaboration between consortium members both within individual WPs and across the different WPs; therefore, ensuring that the entire consortium works together as a team to achieve PIONEER’s objectives.
  3. Identify sort- and long-term sustainability strategies to ensure that the results generated by PIONEER are effectively implemented, built upon and integrated into future projects.
  4. Develop the necessary mechanisms to ensure coordination with the Big Data for Better Outcomes programme, and collaboration with other relevant projects and initiatives.

WP1 Partners

European Urology Association, ASSOCIATION EISBM, University of Lund, Universita Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Bayer, Sanofi, Astellas Pharma and ttopstart.